Services offered 
At Visage, we offer an array of products and services to fit your wants and needs, made from a variety of fruits, herbs, and minerals
Individual Treatments:
Anti-aging Microcurrent, Facial                                    $120
(nonsurgical facelift, a new technological breakthrough, stimulates cell memory to strengthen muscles, lift and tone your skin and improve collagen and elastin production. 
Diamond Dermabrasion treatment                            $89
Anti-aging treatment, softens fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes skin, decreases the appearance of scarring and pore size,  lightens hyper-pigmentation and promotes collagen production.
Acne treatment                                                             $69
Chemical peel                                                                $59  
Natural fruit enzyme peel                                           $59
Vitamin C facial                                                             $69
Oxygen treatment                                                        $89
L.E.D.  light rejuvenation treatment                          $49
Ultrasonic treatment                                                   $49
1-Oxygen facial, microdermabrasin, microcurrent treatment                                                               $160
2- Microdermabrasion;  Fruit enzyme;  Microcurrent facial;  L.E.D. light therapy                               $150
3-Microdermabrasion;   Microcurrent                                                                                                          $130    
4-Microcurrent facial;  Enzyme peel;  L.E.D. Light therapy, rejuvenate Mask                                       $120    
5-Oxygen facial, microdermabrasion (or) microcurrent, LED                                                                  $130
6-Microdermabrasion;  Enzyme peel;  L.E.D. Light therapy;  rejuvenate Mask                                     $110
  *Gift sertificate available*